me. never liked doing this part.
would love to work one day
for a brand of whisky.
and for lego to impress the kid.
like maddie. a lot.
can’t live without sidebar
or foo fighters.
medium, css-tricks, CodePen are some of my bibles.
just love jessica as much as i hate her. same here and here.
drink my morning coffee with milk and some swiss sweets.
will always enjoy ted, specially when simon speaks.
learn so much about fart and burrito with her. love when people run in the movies.
watch battlestar galactica
when i'm sad.
try a new recipe every sunday. but can't do that. Can't do that. Definitly can't do that.
do the "finger dance" when i'm surprised and the "happy dance" when i win.
i'm a graphic designer, i do the best job i can to make the internet pretty.

and i do love the